I have really gotten into suits as of lately.. I am so drawn to them; particulary plaid suits!! I can literally spend hours on Pinterest and Polyvore searching for them in all different colors.

There’s something so stylish about  plaid in general.  But, take that print and place it on a suit, and you’ve got yourself a look that’s sure to turn heads!


Whether on a male or female, I am a fan!


Men aren’t the only ones that can rock a tailored plaid suit and look oh so fabulous… Women can too! We can take that same look, put our own touch on it, and be ready to close any deal!



Just give us a hand bag, a pair of heels, and the rest is history…


I own quite a few suits. But this one happens to be my favorite!!

I had it custom made after seeing the below image on Pinterest of a pretty stylish, and might I add, fierce women wearing this particular plaid suit… I just loved the detailing and sass the suit carried..I couldn’t take my eyes off it! I just had to have it! plaid-suit

After spending countless hours searching for it online and taking a few visits to various stores, to my surprise, it wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I was so disappointed to say the least…Turns out it was a limited edition by Express.


Well, that’s when my new motto evolved…. “If you can’t find it, make it!”



I went with Tartan green and blue! There’s something so intriguing about the look..It screams business savvy, while reflecting style and attitude.20161125_125625

I paired it with a Caramel  Clutch, Gray Nora heels, and my wood watch by Jord for added flare.


I could literally wear it everyday if I could.. Even outside of the work setting, it has this

” Boss vibe” I just love!



Can’t wait to style it different ways this winter. It’s surely a staple in my closet (:


Suit: Similar style J.Crew | Clutch: thrifted | Heels: Nine West | Watch: Jord

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