Although I could wear suits and midi skirts everyday, dress down days are necessary… My twin sister often says “Mary you do too much!”lol

Like, what does that even mean? And what is ever too much? lol

In hindsight I guess what she was trying to imply is that its necessary to kick off my heels, put on some flats and relax… So today that’s the kind of look I went for.


I found this really cool reversible bomber jacket on sale a few months ago for only $19.. Yep $19..  Two for one?? At a really affordable price?  Whaat??  Can’t beat that!!!

The opposite side is black, which is the color I was initially intrigued by. However, when I noticed the other fun and edgy side, I knew for sure it had to come home with me (:


My Jord wood watch adds even more contrast to this already eclectic look.

Along with accessorizing with my Jord, you can never go wrong with a choker and layered necklaces.




To rest my feet I went for slip on sneakers. They are so comfy! Believe it or not, my feet are often in pain. I can only last probably a good hour in heels although they are generally my first choice… I guess all those collegiate years of wearing heels to class everyday is finally catching up with me.. lol



So ladies feel free to shelf those heels every now and then, and choose comfort. Your feet will thank you! Trust me I know (:

Hope that you all enjoyed this look! Look forward to more OOTD blogs (:

Outfit deets:

Bomber Jacket: Target| Dress: HM| Watch: Jord| Necklaces: Forever 21| Slip on Sneakers: Old Navy


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