Welcome to my blog!! I am so excited that you decided to stop by!

Just a bit about me: My name is Mary Taylor, aka Msnaturallymary on my social media platforms. That name emerged in 2012 after my initial youtube venture began parallel to my natural hair journey. For those who are unsure what the term “natural” means, it refers to my hair being 100% chemical free. Although, I love to protective style, going natural has truly shown me who I am.

As a small town girl from North Carolina, I was taught to never despise humble beginnings. It is my belief, that no matter where you begin, you posses the capability to flourish when you believe you can.

Driven by the Philosophy that “ALL Things Work Together for Our Good,” I have branded myself as an ray of light in what can be a cold, dark world. I pride myself on sharing positive energy where ever I go, and possessing a trademark of Love. It is my desire to inspire, uplift, and to empower through the creative nature displayed in my fashion, hair styling, and inspirational posts. Hope that you enjoy my blog and come back to visit me again (: